Sure, the company’s “business technology optimization” is a meaningless marketing slogan, but Mercury continues to lead in bigenterprise software testing and performance monitoring with topnotch tools and services. Pity that the president, CFO and corporate counsel had to resign in a nasty 2005 stock scandal; who was monitoring Mercury?

Shaken, not stirred. Advances in Agitator help testers find bugs that other tools can’t identify. Agitar stress tests induce little stress in developers.

Compuware is everywhere—integrating with .NET, optimizing its OptimalJ for Java, new software, new tools, even new CARS. It’s hard to find a broader QA provider.

Teamstudio spinoff focuses on integrity—software integrity. That means not just testing, but also enforcing best practices in coding.

IBM Rational:
There’s nothing Rational can’t test, and there’s no one in the world better at building the tools that aren’t there yet.

Who knows Java? LISA knows Java. She knows where your J2EE code’s good, where it’s bad, and where it really sucks. And she’ll make it suck less.

It’s not alone in pushing prevention as the QA cure, but a strong emphasis on security from Web to IDE makes Klocwork’s defect-killing approach uniquely valuable.

NUnit Development Team:
Inspired by JUnit, the makers of NUnit 2 bring the Windows world powerful tooling for unit testing that even Microsoft’s Visual Studio Team System can’t match.

The latest version of SurroundSCM has the app life cycle surrounded, while the QA wizard and test tracking system keep the pistons popping.

A smooth body, and no aftertaste. Segue’s software delivers a process for building solid software from collaboration to test automation to performance management.

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