Rolling out as a place for developers to tinker and collaborate on projects using Subversion has the software development world cooing.

Electric Cloud
This company is ahead of the curve with its browser-based tool for automating the build process. Keep an eye on this Cloud because it tends to move fast.

Rational people understand that IBM continues to dominate corporate ALM with a complete, mature package of tools and services.

Its change management simulator helps organizations see costs before deciding if change is necessary. A great tool that makes managers look smart.

One of the first to advance build beyond a nightly chore to incorporating it into a life-cycle approach, the company formerly known as Catalyst Systems sparked a change in thinking.

It sticks to its knitting, and now expands into stronger compatibility with other players. Concentrating on SCM means Perforce remains a focused and professional system.

From defects to SCM to QA, the company’s offerings ran circles around bigger competitors. Successfully improved control of test runs and test cases in 2006.

As the potent force behind the Application Lifecycle Framework, Serena had a stellar year in the ALM market. It cast Dimensions 10 as the new nucleus for its product base.

Organizations switched over in fairly large numbers from CVS to Subversion during 2006. Distributed teams mean distributed commits, and Subversion handles them with aplomb.

By integrating its three main development products into one package, Tech Excel elbowed its way to a much greater piece of the ALM pie.

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