BEA Systems
BEA introduced the industry’s first native SOA platform in 2006. SOA 360 sets the pace for 2007 with its unified platform for modeling, developing and deploying SOA applications.

The whole purpose of SOA is software reuse, but to reuse a service you have to trust it—and Mindreef measures that trust.

It fleshed out a potent platform in 2006 with Oracle SOA Suite 10g, encompassing everything from governance, security and events monitoring to business rules.

Rogue Wave libraries demonstrate that SOA and Web services aren’t just for managed code; C/C++ developers can participate with ease.

Roy Fielding
The father of HTTP long ago laid out the plans for Representational State Transfer (REST). Today, it’s gaining popularity as an alternative to the WS-* standards.

TIBCO’s BPMS and business integration software is among the best in the industry, surpassing many of the biggest players in both implementation and strategy.

It took SOA and turned it into a tangible, actionable system for enterprise integration. Likewise, it ran at the head of the pack in the BPMS space.

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