Visual Studio is still the only real game in town for Windows developers due to Microsoft’s excellent tools and competitor’s meager offerings. To top that off, MSDN provides answers to just about any question a developer could ever think of.

XMLSpy is still awesome, but the vision has expanded to include transformation, query, Web services and application design.

Business Objects
Without Business Objects, high-level managers would never understand what you’re talking about. Good reports make everyone look smarter.

Eclipse Foundation
As if Eclipse wasn’t good enough for coders, the rest of the enterprise now uses it as their rich client. A true sign of a great community and great leadership.

With robust systems for managing code, and great tools to help write it, IBM is the biggest banana in the tooling tree.

Whether you’re building or testing Java GUIs, Instantiations makes the process easy enough that even a manager could do it.

xProcess changes those lovely best practices into die-cast working frameworks for your developers. The easiest way to push some sanity into the development process.
Outsourcing coding tasks typically results in files full of copy-and-paste check-ins. Skip the outsourcing, and let your developers search the Web with Krugle’s massive database of open code.

All that fancy software you’ve written ain’t worth its weight in floppies if it can’t produce simple information for your superiors. Logi8 makes it easy to please the folks upstairs.

PreEmptive Solutions
Obfuscated code means hackers will have a tougher time figuring out how they can exploit your systems. PreEmptive means obfuscation for .NET and Java doesn’t need to be done by hand.

Agile is a way of life. And with Rally’s tools in hand, it’s a lot easier to convince your developers to build unit tests and to share code.

Sun Microsystems
NetBeans and Solaris go together like peanut butter and jelly. Sure, NetBeans runs elsewhere, but all those great Solaris tools make this combination reminiscent of workstation integrations gone by.

The A in ALM doesn’t have to stand for “Application.” For VersionOne users, it stands for “Agile.” Process management and tools to ensure proper practices make VersionOne tools transformative.

It single-handedly alleviated the need for QA folk to restart their machines once every 10 minutes. Now, they simply fire up another virtual machine.

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