Builders of .NET applications find Web user interface and charting controls that stay current, even with major platform changes like Windows Vista and ASP.NET AJAX.

Reusable code doesn’t just have to be for GUIs; new components for ASP.NET AJAX, SharePoint and data reporting keep VS.NET coders in the suite spot.

Data Dynamics
Data is active, and business reports should be active too, thanks to ActiveX controls that support data reporting, data mining and user interface design.

Developer Express
Leading-edge application frameworks for business applications and refactoring remove limitations from Visual Studio, Delphi and C++Builder development, whether for the Web or the desktop.

Dundas Data Visualization
The vision drives developer productivity: From charting to OLAP to mapping, if your users can visualize it, Dundas can save your programmers from manually coding it.

Maybe you can’t go home again, but your software can navigate you there, thanks to an ever-expanding development library and data services for geographic and cartographic applications.

FarPoint Technologies
Never underestimate the power of a spreadsheet to view and manipulate data, and innovations keep FarPoint’s reusable functionality on the cutting edge of BizTalk, COM and .NET.

Vast collection of reusable Java and .NET code hits major platforms, major technologies, even those that aren’t ready, like Windows Vista and WPF.

N Software
Communications protocols, from WebDAV to EDI to SNMP, are hard to write and test, but fortunately these guys save your guys from that dreary yet essential task.

Software FX
Charts, graphics, gauges, statistics: Whether for Windows, Java, COM, the Web or now SQL Server Reporting Services, Software FX’s reusable components save enterprise developers time and money.

Building apps with the latest Microsoft Office look-and-feel is easier with Syncfusion’s essential controls that put the new ribbon and toolstrips into your own software.

Do it fast, do it right, with reusable assets for rapid UI development—and Telerik’s tools keep evolving to handle new platforms, new apps, even new shapes.

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