If it isn’t enough that Windows CE and Windows Mobile are showing up on an ever-increasing number of devices, the company is staking out turf in robotics as well.

Green Hills
The RTOS provider is turning heads with embedded middleware, operating systems and platforms focused on security and performance. 2006 saw dramatic acceptance, and 2007 already looks promising.

QNX Software Systems
The company has taken the lead in upgrading software and tooling to support multicore processor setups, as their roles in embedded devices evolve from whiteboard to shipping product.

With iAnywhere providing a vast suite of middleware resources, Sybase is covering its flanks by offering tools for building smarter mobile devices.

Texas Instruments
The legendary chipmaker has left its DSP competitors in the dust with the DaVinci line’s SDK for Windows CE. Giving it away just makes it that much more attractive.

Smartphone developers are learning what cross-platform developers have known for years—Trolltech’s application library is a can’t-do-without resource for high-performance code.

Wind River Systems
Already the leader in embedded development, Wind River is getting the open standards religion in a big way.

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