.NET continues to impress and surpass expectations with the new development model and new-exciting twists on old-boring designs. With ASP.NET and C#, the Ruby and JSP crowds have virtualy nothing to crow about; except, perhaps, utter jealousy.

BEA Systems
The upstart shows benchmarks that impress, and offers a surrounding development environment that eliminates the blood, sweat and tears of application hosting.

WebSphere is the biggest, baddest application server on the block. And with a free community edition, anyone can give it a test drive.

Red Hat/JBoss
It’s the only company to offer an entire stack around the application server, so going right to the source means fewer problems down the line.

Sun Microsystems
Glassfish is the future. Sun’s application stacks are the present. The folks that built Java prove they still know it best.

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