BlackBerry and Deloitte announced that they will be teaming up to assist OEMs and those building mission-critical applications in securing their software supply chains. This will allow Deloitte to leverage BlackBerry’s flagship software composition analysis tool, BlackBerry Jarvis.

This tool empowers OEMs to inspect the provenance of their code and each software asset that comes into their overall supply chains, addressing the increasing complexity and growing cybersecurity threats among software supply chains. 

BlackBerry Jarvis also addresses the need to identify and address vulnerabilities by making them known and quickly providing actionable insights.

Python in Visual Studio Code October 2021 release

Microsoft recently announced the availability of the October 2021 release of the Python Extension for Visual Studio Code. It can be downloaded from the Marketplace or installed directly from the extension gallery in Visual Studio Code.

This release addresses 88 issues, including debugging support for Jupyter Notebooks, a new Python walkthrough, and improvements to the debugging experience for Python files and projects. 

In addition, there have been other small improvements requested by users, such as python.testing.cwd setting no longer being ignored when discovering or running tests; removing support for rope, ctags, and pylintMinimalCheckers setting; changing the default value of python.linting.pylintEnabled to false; and more.

Google announces Dev Library

Google announced its Dev Library, an open source platform for developers. The Dev Library provides a space where projects related to Google technologies can be highlighted. Dev Library as a platform showcases blog posts and open source tools for product areas such as Machine Learning, Flutter, Firebase, Angular, Cloud, and Android.

While the Dev Library is open source, not every project submitted gets a spot on the site; only the ones determined to be the most accurate and relevant by experts at Google get on the site. This ensures that when users view the content posted on the site, it has the backing of Google experts.

The Dev Library is designed to provide visibility to developers that they may not have had access to before, despite extensive expertise. In addition, it provides a space for developers to network with other contributors.