SmartBear today announced the acquisition of Web performance monitoring company AlertSite, saying it fits well into the company’s strategy of improving quality across the software development life cycle. The terms of the deal between the privately held companies were not disclosed.

The acquisition marks the SmartBear’s first foray into the operations area, according to the company’s marketing chief Gottfried Sehringer. “You’re not finished with quality when you put the software together. You have to check it ongoingly,” he said.

The offering rounds out SmartBear’s portfolio, which has grown from peer code review software to a software quality tool set in the last year by merging with testing tool company AutomatedQA, and test and requirements management software developer Pragmatic Software. The AlertSite acquisition helps SmartBear reach into cloud and mobile markets, the company said.

AlertSite’s flagship product, DéjàClick, tracks how users browse websites and perform online transactions, which helps companies optimize their software. “It’s a service for constantly checking websites and transactions,” Sehringer said. “This brings our offering to another level.”