Developers often do peer code review to ensure quality. Hardware engineers work off technical schematics and circuit diagrams. A change in one of those areas can impact the other, but the change often isn’t communicated well to the other side, causing possible delays and cost overruns.

To address this gap, SmartBear Software today is releasing Peer Review Complete, a rebranding of its peer review software for software developers and hardware engineers. The new software serves as “a starting point for the divergence of feature sets” from the company’s Code Collaborator tool for software peer review, according to Bill Betcher, director of product marketing for SmartBear.

The tool primarily targets embedded systems and lets design teams from both areas share and review schematics, 2D drawings, diagrams, images, HTML, and other digital content, according to the company’s announcement.

“If there are changes in the hardware, the software team is aware and might even have to react to those changes,” said James Wang, vice president of peer review products at SmartBear.

The software also enables remote users to participate in reviews at scheduled times or at their convenience, and it includes a live chat feature that can record discussions, the company said.

Other features include collection and reporting of review metrics; the ability to print a document to a shared review format if the document cannot be read natively by a team member; customizable workflows and fields; and broad search capabilities.