With a new Test Visualizer and keyword-driven testing aimed at novice testers, along with a new JavaBridge for more experienced testers, automated testing solution TestComplete 8.0 introduces several new features for all levels of testing expertise.  

Released yesterday by SmartBear Software, TestComplete is introduced as the first product under the SmartBear name after last week’s three-way merger of testing tools company Automated QA, ALM software provider Pragmatic Software, and SmartBear Software, makers of peer code review software.  

TestComplete’s Test Visualizer lets users drag and drop icons onto a template, which are automatically strung together to create tests, explained Derek Langone, SmartBear’s president.

The feature can also extend tests directly from captured screenshots during test recording and playback, a capability directed at more experienced users, said Sergei Sokolov, SmartBear’s director of product management.

A new keyword-driven test feature also allows novice users to build tests using natural language, which are then converted by TestComplete into sophisticated scripted tests, Langone said.

“[TestComplete] is for customers not particularly skilled at scripting, but also not at the expense of our power-user customers,” he added. Additionally, an automated Data-Driven Loop wizard imports data from Excel or other data sources and creates data-driven tests without any scripting.

For more experienced users, TestComplete introduces JavaBridge. By directly interfacing with APIs of Java objects that live inside applications, testers get another level of visibility and control into the behavior of tested applications, Sokolov said.  

Users can now also perform automated testing on native and managed Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4 applications, and it includes support for Firefox 3.6 and Silverlight 4 Web technologies as well.  

TestComplete 8.0 is available now with a free 30-day trial.