CompTIA, provider of vendor-neutral IT certifications, today announced the Tech Job Posting Optimizer,, in order to help employers expand their pipelines and seek out overlooked or untapped talent.

The free, web-based platform offers a range of tech job templates and data tools intended to optimize postings for skills, qualifications, and inclusivity oriented to the U.S. labor market. 

According to the company, of the over 500,000 job postings for entry-level tech positions in 2022, 57% of employers limited their search to candidates with a four-year degree or higher. 

Additionally, for employers looking to fill entry-level cybersecurity roles the number one listed industry-recognized certification is a managerial-level credential that requires advanced experience. 

The company stated that while this over-spec’ing among job postings does not negatively impact employers, it does have a downside for candidates as 55% reported some level of a “confidence gap” when looking for a new role. 

“CompTIA’s optimizer provides a practical solution to a market-wide issue that every company can leverage and benefit from. Skills-based hiring solutions like The Optimizer help illuminate incredible, previously overlooked, qualified candidates,” said Kelly Cure, co-founder of

CompTIA’s Tech Job Posting Optimizer platform offers a check of bias language, salary curves, and a job posting best practices guide. The platform is also backed by labor market data from Lightcast and Infogr8.

To get started using the platform, visit the website