EnterpriseDB (EDB), the enterprise Postgres acceleration company, today unveiled EDB Tools and Extensions Release for PostgreSQL 15.

This release is intended to simplify the process enterprises undergo to deploy Postgres as their enterprise database standard. With this, enterprises are enabled to build new modern applications using the latest version of PostgreSQL 15.1. 

Highlights of this release include: 

  • EDB Advanced Storage Pack to help enterprises achieve faster access to clustered data as well as heightened performance and scalability 
  • EDB Postgres Tuner to improve performance for users by automating over 15 years of EDB Postgres tuning
  • EDB LDAP Sync to make it easier to get LDAP support for enterprises by eliminating the need to manage users in two places

“EDB has always nurtured an ecosystem of innovation in and around Postgres and the myriad types of workloads it supports,” said Jozef de Vries, SVP of product development at EDB. “EDB PG 15 is the next iteration of our portfolio, with new products and capabilities that extend the database and tools to support customers everywhere they want to use Postgres. By developing and maintaining the industry’s most robust suite of tools for Postgres, we continue to empower global organizations to adopt it as their enterprise database standard.”

This announcement comes ahead of the company’s next major release coming early in 2023, which EDB stated will include Transparent Data Encryption to improve security by encrypting data at the database level.