The team at GitLab announced that it is getting ready to launch the new Web IDE experience as a beta, available to everyone and enabled by default on

According to GitLab, this new Web IDE is more user-friendly and efficient. It combines VS Code’s core features along with heightened performance and the ability to securely connect to a remote development environment straight from the Web IDE. users can expect the new Web IDE Beta by default on December 19, 2022 with no installation necessary. 

For self-managed users, the Beta version will be available as a part of the GitLab 15.7 release, which is coming on December 22, 2022. It will be behind a feature flag that can be enabled by administrators on an instance-level. 

Some key features include: 

  • A customizable interface with collapsible panels and custom themes 
  • Contextual actions and drag and drop support in the file panel 
  • Find and replace across open files 
  • An interactive document outline and visual history panel
  • A reduction in memory usage over the last Web IDE
  • Improved reliability of tracking changes to files and directories 
  • Better support for touchscreen devices 

Lastly, the beta version offers users a new category to GitLab by allowing them to securely connect to a remote development environment, run commands in an interactive terminal panel, and get real-time feedback from inside the Web IDE. 

For more information on this beta release, visit the website