Google announced the general availability of AlloyDB for PostgreSQL, a fully-managed, PostgreSQL-compatible database service that enables organizations to modernize database workloads. The preview was announced earlier this year at Google Cloud I/O.

According to the company, when compared with standard PostgreSQL, AlloyDB was faster for both transactional workloads and analytical queries. In addition, it was also faster than Amazon’s comparable service for transactional workloads. 

“Developers have many choices for building, innovating and migrating their applications. AlloyDB provides us with a compelling relational database option with full PostgreSQL compatibility, great performance, availability and cloud integration. We are really excited to co-innovate with Google and can now benefit from enterprise grade features while cost-effectively modernizing from legacy, proprietary databases,” said Bala Natarajan, senior director of data Infrastructure and cloud engineering at PayPal.

AlloyDB is intended to help enterprises transition from legacy databases by combining Google’s scale-out compute and storage, availability, security, and AI/ML based management with PostgreSQL compatibility, along with the performance, scalability, manageability, and reliability that enterprises need to run applications.

According to Google, AlloyDB provides users with improved performance and scale, heightened availability, real-time business insights, easy to understand and transparent pricing, and ML assisted management and insights. 

“We are excited about the new PostgreSQL-compatible database. AlloyDB will bring more scalability and availability with no application changes. As we run our e-commerce platform and its availability is important, we are specially expecting AlloyDB to minimize the maintenance downtime,” said Ryuzo Yamamoto, a software engineer at Mercari.

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