Scanbot, the company behind the Scanbot Software Development Kit (SDK), recently announced a new demo version of the Scanbot Data Capture SDK available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

According to the company, the Scanbot SDK rids companies of the need for error-prone manual data entry by allowing users to extract data as key-value pairs from several different document types.

These documents include ID cards, passports, checks, driver’s licenses, EHICs, medical certificates, checks, and more.

The app demonstrates the functionalities of the Scanbot SDK. Utilizing both machine learning and computer vision technology, the SDK offers features intended to extract data reliably from ID documents. 

With the demo’s interface, users who are not familiar with the technology can capture data with help from the on-screen guidance that tells users what to scan, when to flip a document, and confirms successful scans. 

Scanbot stated that by integrating the SDK into their mobile app, enterprises can enable both their users and employees to extract data from almost any ID and travel document.

Additionally, a check scanner simplifies the process of cashing and processing the check in the back office. 

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