Over 40 states have joined together today to launch the United States Blockchain Coalition (USBC) in order to drive collaboration between states and maintain American leadership in digital assets, Bitcoin, and distributed ledger technologies (DLT).

USBC is led by representatives from Texas, Washington, California, Florida, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, and more, and it takes a multistate approach by using hyperlocal relationships to find consistent policies at the state level by aligning on both public policy and legislative priorities.  

One of the initial areas that the coalition will be focusing on is sharing best practices, learnings, and other resources spanning different states to develop a national strategy and regulatory environment. 

Next, the USBC is looking to align and collaborate on public policy and legislative priorities at the state level as well as create opportunities to partner on projects that improve upon the United States’ overall competitiveness.

 “There is great power in the community coming together to collectively advocate for the industry,” said Arry Yu, founder and co-chair of USBC and chair of Cascadia Blockchain Council. “Through this coalition, we will break down silos and advance the conversation around the benefits of blockchain-based technology. By working together, we can inform national strategy and policy to enhance the competitiveness of the American blockchain-based ecosystem.”

Furthermore, the coalition is geared at highlighting and cataloging use cases across the country, providing accessible education to policy makers, building relationships with regulatory bodies, and seeking out new partnerships to continue growing the sector.

The USBC is currently looking for new members, and for more information on how to join, visit the website