Amazon has announced the general availability of Amplify Flutter, which is a new solution that combines AWS Amplify and Flutter to enable developers to build cross-platform apps. 

AWS Amplify provides a set of tools for building scalable web applications, while Flutter is Google’s UI toolkit for mobile, web, and desktop application development. 

Key benefits for AWS customers include an interface for authenticating users, an interface for managing user content in storage buckets, and analytics, according to the company. 

The beta release for Amplify Flutter was launched in August 2020, and between then and now three new capabilities have been added to the solution. It added new GraphQL API and REST APIs and handlers. It also introduced Amplify DataStore as a programming model for leveraging shared and distributed data. The third new feature is Hosted UI, which can be used to implement authentication and is compatible with Amazon Cognito and other social identity providers like Facebook, Google, and Amazon. 

Amplify Flutter is now available in all regions that support AWS Amplify, and there is no additional cost for using it, Amazon explained.