Software intelligence technology company CAST has announced the winter release of CAST Imaging, an imaging system for software applications, with UX enhancements and new features designed to simplify and accelerate processes for engineers who develop, maintain, and modernize complex software applications.

The recent update to the product introduces several significant improvements aimed at enhancing user experience and efficiency. Notable among these are the advanced search and filtering options, comprehensive mapping of cross-application dependencies, the introduction of new and improved migration advisors, and a completely redesigned context menu. According to the company, these features are designed to provide users with instant access to crucial information and insights, streamlining the process of managing and understanding software applications.

CAST Imaging facilitates the visualization and management of software application structures. By automatically mapping out tens of thousands of code elements and their interrelationships into a dynamic knowledge base, it aids architects and developers in swiftly locating necessary information. The platform’s enhanced capabilities, particularly the advanced filtering options, are tailored to address issues related to security, error handling, and performance efficiency, thereby optimizing the application development and maintenance processes, according to CAST.

CAST Imaging has also bolstered its impact analysis functionality, offering users a more effective means to evaluate the consequences of changes made to UI and database tables. This enhancement is particularly beneficial for narrowing down the scope of regression tests required after application modifications. 

“This important update is all about making it easier and faster for engineers to find the answers they need when changing existing applications, whether as part of ongoing maintenance or a massive modernization effort,” said Luc Perard, vice president of CAST Imaging. “It’s all about enabling them to act faster and with greater confidence as they navigate the internal complexities of the applications.”

In addition, the latest release enhances the suite of Advisors within the platform, which offer personalized recommendations aimed at streamlining and minimizing the risks associated with application modernization and cloud migration projects. Among the notable improvements is the upgraded mainframe-to-AWS migration Advisor, which now performs 50% more checks, ensuring a more thorough analysis and guidance for users looking to migrate their applications to the cloud.

The introduction of a new database migration Advisor offers an expansion in the platform’s capabilities, specifically facilitating the migration from DB2 to MySQL.