GitLab 10.8 was released this week with the open sourcing of a highly requested feature. The company announced its push mirroring capability is now open sourced.

Push mirroring was originally introduced as a paid feature, but GitLab says it is one of the most frequently requested to be moved into the open-source codebase.

This move will add a few new use cases for GitLab Core users, such as freelance developers being able to mirror client repos and users migrating to GitLab being able to use push mirroring to ease the migration path.

“Repository mirroring allows you to replicate Git repositories from one location to another. This makes it easier to work with multiple GitLab instances, like mirroring your team’s work to a customer’s private GitLab instance. Push mirroring also makes it easier to move a project to GitLab from elsewhere, without disruption, by keeping the old repository up to date, the company wrote in a post.

In addition, the release comes with improvements to release automation and security vulnerability remediation.

GitLab 10.8 adds a new incremental rollout feature, which allows developers to deploy changes to a small subset of users rather than to the entire user base. This way, if problems occur, changes can be rolled back without affecting the whole user base, the company explained.

The company also added interactive security reports to enable customers to take immediate action to dismiss a vulnerability or raise and issue to remediate it. GitLab hopes that by allowing developers to take swift action on vulnerabilities, they will be able to ship better and safer code.