The team at GitLab has announced the release of GitLab 15.0. With this, users gain access to container scanning in all tiers, internal notes, better links to external organizations and contacts, breaking changes, and more.

Also included in this release are improvements intended to speed up the user’s workflow in the WYSIWYG Markdown editor for their wikis.

According to the company, there will be no more un-styled, monochrome code blocks. Users will choose from 100+ languages in the dropdown list above the code block so the CSS, YAML, and Python code are separate from each other with accurate syntax highlighting. 

Editing links and images in the WYSIWYG editor has also become easier with a new popover menu that appears when the user selects a link or attached image. 

Additionally, Advanced Search is now compatible with the open-source Elasticsearch fork, OpenSearch, allowing customers to take full advantage of OpenSearch for Advanced Search. 

GitLab 15.0 also brings the ability for a group to manage several sets of concurrent iterations with iteration cadences. This works to allow each team to have control over the start day and duration of each iteration in their iteration cadence. 

Another key feature is internal notes that enable teams to redact certain discussions containing internal or customer data that should only be visible to specific users, while keeping the core details about the issue public. 

Internal notes in issues or epics can be seen only by the issue author, assignee, and group or project members with at least the Reporter role. 

This release also offers users the capability to use nested CI/CD variables with environments in pipeline configuration. Users can nest variables inside other variables and have them all expand in the way they expect, increasing the flexibility of dynamic environments. 

To learn more about GitLab 15.0 and the improvements that come with it, see here, or register for the launch event.