JetBrains integrated team environment Space is finally available to the public. The company first introduced the solution last year at its KoltinConf. Since then, it has taken feedback from its users to ensure the product goes beyond just JetBrains’ needs. 

“We think that the biggest challenge is ensuring effective and transparent collaboration, working together as a team, and empowering every individual with all the information and tooling they need so that they can do their best,” Maxim Shafirov, CEO of JetBrains, said in a video announcing the release.

Space aims to be that unified tool and information environment by breaking down silos and allowing team members to communicate, share information, and collaborate on projects. The solution is not only designed for developers, but design, marketing, management, HR, and legal teams. 

For the software development pipeline, it includes source control hosting, code review capabilities, automation jobs, project management tools, and container registries. For collaboration, it also includes a team directory, communication tools, analytics, personal calendars, to-do lists and meeting management. 

“By having much of the data in a single tool, Space can leverage it to provide many possibilities, such as unifying all types of notifications into a single stream, minimizing interruptions while people are busy, and preventing the assignment of tasks to absent team members,” 

Valerie Andrianova, product marketing manager for JetBrains Space, wrote in a blog post. “Combining the functionality of a whole suite of tools into one application lowers up-front and maintenance costs, and reduces the indirect costs by minimizing efforts required to learn tools of a new team, as people move around within the organization.”

Other features include member profiles, team calendars, ability to manage vacations, office floor plans, issue tracking, permissions and responsibilities, and channels.

Going forward, the company plans to support more collaborative workflows for various teams, provide an on-premise version, support video calls, add localization, and provide more migration options and integrations. 

“JetBrains started as a company of developers but now 40% of our team represent different creative roles: designers, marketing, copywriters, and others,” said Shafirov. “We’ve built Space so we could still work together as one team and we believe other companies will benefit from it as well.