Progress OpenEdge 12.2 delivers new capabilities that address the demand for continuous operations such as immediate auto recovery and improved performance and availability monitoring through new DevOps tooling. 

An API-first approach allows OpenEdge to become a truly open platform with service and data integration, big data and data warehousing, according to the company. 

Progress also strengthened security within the OpenEdge platform through OpenSSL library upgrades, multi-tenant user permission integrity, and keystore cryptography.

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CloudBees on-prem feature flags
CloudBees introduced feature flags that enable developers to manage production deployments of new functionality in a controlled manner with an on-premise feature manager.

“We are committed to the ongoing integration, automation and governance of feature flags within the software delivery lifecycle and giving users choice in selecting the best environment for their project — on-premise or cloud,”  said Sacha Labourey, the CEO and co-founder of CloudBees.

The ability to use feature flagging in an on-premise environment also opens up new avenues for usage in industries, such as government, finance, pharmaceuticals, utilities and healthcare, where there can be a mix of on-premise and cloud environments, according to the company in a post.

Google Web Vitals
Web Vitals is an initiative by Google to provide unified guidance for quality signals to create a better user experience on the web. 

The core experience needs include loading experience, interactivity, and the visual stability of page content, according to Google. 

Google also launched an open-source web-vitals JavaScript library, which developers can use to measure Core Web Vitals performance for their sites.

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Applause launches its integrated Functional Testing solution
The new solution manual and automated testing to help brands accelerate development velocity and improve digital quality.

Integrated Functional Testing combines a real-world, crowdsourced approach for manual testing with an automation framework that integrates into enterprises’ CI/CD pipelines for increased release velocity.

“This holistic approach to testing and quality saves time by eliminating the burdens of working across multiple systems, and saves money by quickly and fully evaluating the risk of each release – these are benefits typical automation tools cannot offer,” said Doron Reuveni, the founder and CEO of Applause.  

Additional details are available here.

Cockroach raises $86 million
Cockroach Labs raised $86 million in Series D funding that it plans to use for product development, whether that’s improving PostgreSQL compatibility, adding more integrations with development languages and common tools, and investing further in Cockroach Cloud.

“The hypothesis we made—that the future would demand a database that could more effortlessly absorb spikes in demand and not lose data throughout hiccups and outages—isn’t a prediction anymore. It’s a reality. And it’s a reality that CockroachDB was purpose-built to meet,” Cockroach Labs wrote in a blog post.