Amazon announced AWS DeepComposer is now generally available. The company first announced the machine learning solution at AWS re:Invent last year.

AWS DeepComposer includes in-console training that enables users to train generative models without having to write any machine learning code. In addition, the composer is powered by  Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) and allows users to train and optimize GAN models. 

“Until now, developers interested in growing skills in GANs haven’t had an easy way to get started. In order to help them regardless of their background in ML or music, we are building a collection of easy learning capsules that introduce key concepts, and how to train and evaluate GANs. This includes an hands-on lab with step-by-step instructions and code to build a GAN model,” AWS wrote in a blog post.

Stanford provides free coding resources
Stanford announced a free introductory coding course using Python during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“The course is centered around engaging assignments and includes an optional final project. You won’t receive a grade in the course, and completing the experience doesn’t earn university credit. Instead, the main outcome is that you will have acquired a new and wonderful skill: how to program,” Stanford wrote. 

The student application deadline is April 8th. Additional details are available here.

React Native 0.62 now available
React Native 0.62 includes support for Flipper by default, as well as dark mode features, and Apple TV’s move to react-native-tvos. 

Flipper is a developer tool for debugging mobile apps that includes Metro Actions, a Crash Reporter, React DevTools, Network Inspector, Metro and Device Logs, and more. 

Additional details are available here.

Nim programming language 1.2
Nim version 1.2 adds GC:ARC – the main feature for this release – as well as new sugar macros that should help with writing some common tasks, and standard library additions and changes. 

If developers would like to upgrade to version v1.2, but they are relying on v1.0 behaviour, there is a command line switch –useVersion, which can be used with the newest Nim to simulate previous versions.

Additional details are available here.