AWS announced that it is joining the .NET Foundation as a corporate sponsor to foster innovation with .NET and to support open-source projects. 

AWS explained that as soon as .NET Core was in development, the company worked to add support for .NET Core during the early stages of beta and also released the first Lambda .NET Core runtime for serverless applications after .NET Core 1.0 was released. 

“AWS will continue to listen to the customer, increase investments, and make contributions to the community. We look forward to working with the .NET Foundation, the .NET community at large, and our .NET customers to support the future of .NET,” said Fred Wurden, general manager of AWS Windows and Enterprise.

Cloudflare extends serverless platform with the Wrangler CLI
Cloudflare extended its serverless platform with the Wrangler CLI, which now enables users to deploy entire websites directly to Cloudflare Workers and Workers KV. 

Workers KV is a database that is tuned for read-heavy workloads on entries that don’t generally have a long life span.

To accomplish this, one can run wrangler init –site, configure the newly created wrangler.toml file with an account and project details, and then publish it to Cloudflare’s edge with wrangler publish, the company explained in a post. 

DataRobot announces new features to its Enterprise AI platform
Enterprise AI provider DataRobot announced new capabilities for its platform that include AI Catalog and new automated feature engineering. 

According to the company, the AI Catalog enables users to search for any dataset, share new sources, and comment and tag assets to promote understanding and reuse. It also assists with data science productivity by providing the ability to prepare and manage feature lists to share and use in new projects.

The new automated feature engineering capabilities enables users to quickly find new data from multiple sources and apply simple business rules to automate the creation of large numbers of useful features and the subsequent transformation of those features for each specific algorithm. 

“This release will provide companies with an advanced product suite to automate every aspect of AI and derive true, lifetime value from their data,” said Phil Gurbacki, senior vice president of product and customer experience at DataRobot.

TIBCO announces new cloud-native, AI solutions
TIBCO announced product enhancements that deliver end-to-end capabilities, cloud-native deployment and the expanded AI reach.

The new TIBCO Messaging Manager 1.0.0 includes an Apache Kafka Management Toolkit that includes intelligent, predictive and an auto-completing CLI. It also includes a new management feature to allow for easier continuous integration and deployment, according to the company. 

In addition, TIBCO now offers support for IoT-based machine-to-machine communication via OPC Foundation Unified Architecture in TIBCO® Streaming software.