Cloudera announced an expanded set of machine learning capabilities is now available in the Cloudera Machine Learning (CML). Capabilities include new MLOps features and Cloudera SDX for models. 

“Data scientists, machine learning engineers, and operators can collaborate in a single unified solution, drastically reducing time to value and minimizing business risk for production machine learning models,” Cloudera wrote in a post.

Features include unique model cataloging and lineage capabilities, full end-to-end machine learning lifecycle management, and a model monitoring service. Other capabilities include ability to detect model performance and drift over time, measure and track individual prediction accuracy, ability to understand large numbers of ML models, lineage of data tied to the models, and increased model security.

Azure Sphere Security Research challenge
The Azure Sphere Security Research Challenge has launched. The challenge is an expansion of the Azure Security Lab. The company will invite selected researchers to emulate criminal hackers.

“Engaging the security research community to research for high-impact vulnerabilities before the bad guys do is part of the holistic approach Azure Sphere is taking to minimize the risk,” Microsoft wrote in a blog post.

The challenge will award an up to $100,000 bounty for specific scenarios and applications to become part of the challenge.

Flutter 1.17 released
Flutter 1.17 comes with Metal support for faster iOS performance, new Material components, new Network tracking tooling, and more.

“A major focus of this release has been continued overall work on performance and memory improvements. Just by upgrading your app to this release, your users should see faster animations, smaller apps and lower memory utilization,” Flutter wrote in a post.

The new release also includes NavigationRail, a new widget that offers a responsive app navigation model. 

Tableau 2020.2
The Tableau 2020.2 release offers a new data model that simplifies the analysis of complex data with no coding or scripting skills required, according to the company 

It also includes Metrics, a new mobile-first way for customers to instantly monitor key performance indicators (KPIs). 

“Tableau’s new data modeling capabilities make it even easier to analyze data across multiple tables at different levels of detail. With a simple and visual drag-and-drop experience, relationships between tables can be created that automatically create accurate aggregations. This eliminates complex coding and reduces the risk of inaccuracies encountered with traditional database joins,” Tableau wrote in a post.