Firefox 72 has been released with a new watchpoints feature in the Firefox Developer Edition. According to the developer team, watchpoints are a type of breakpoint that help locate where properties on objects are read or set. 

“If you add a watchpoint to a property on an object, every time the property is used, the debugger will pause at that location. There are two types of watchpoints: get and set. The get watchpoint pauses whenever a property is read, and the set watchpoint pauses whenever a property value changes,” according to a post.

The team plans to support adding and viewing watchpoints from the console and in the many other places where DevTools lets users inspect objects.

Additionally changes for web developers in Firefox 72 include console updates, network monitor improvements and page inspector enhancements. More information is available here.

Appian acquired the Jidoka RPA platform

Appian acquired the RPA company Novayre Solutions SL, developer of the Jidoka RPA platform. According to the company, it provides customers a unified low-code development and RPA platform as well as a governed robotic workforce. 

“Together, the products enable end-to-end process orchestration where humans, software robots, and AI all work together in a coordinated way,” said Matt Calkins, the CEO of Appian. 

RPA from Appian will be cloud RPA and Java RPA. The new service will be available globally on the Appian cloud. 

The terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

IBM announces new collaborations for advancing practical quantum computing 

IBM announced new collaborations that include over 100 organizations across multiple organizations. 

IBM also recently announced the planned installation of the first two IBM Q System One commercial universal quantum computers outside of the US in Germany and Japan.

“Quantum computing will have a profound impact on key issues like finding new materials to capture carbon in the global fight against climate change, as well as the discovery of new chemistries that might power more energy efficient batteries,” said Dario Gil, the director of IBM Research. 

Flowfinity announces connections to external apps and databases

Flowfinity Wireless released an update that allows system administrators to easily integrate Flowfinity applications and databases with external software using REST APIs. 

“Flexible, scalable REST API integration allows organizations to ensure data integrity and management by more efficiently synchronizing vital business data,” Flowfinity wrote in a post. 

Flowfinity customers can now create closed-loop IT ecosystems by configuring disparate business applications into unified business process management systems leveraging a central relational database.