The team at JetBrains recently announced new updates being made to JetBrains Datalore. Among these updates are improvements made to the look and feel of the Visualize tab, such as

  • Bigger plots
  • Plot configuration has been moved to the left side of the tab
  • Improvements to lets-plot library graphics 

Additionally, JetBrains Datalore has added transitions from the Visualize tab to Chart cells, allowing users to more easily customize plots and create multi-layered visualizations on them. 

Several other updates have been made including improvements to storage optimization for Reactive mode, hiding cells on a specific worksheet, and rendering of scala-datable. To learn more, visit here

Testlio launches fused testing 

Testlio, the network testing organization, recently released fused testing. This type of testing is a combination of expert manual testing and test automation aimed at helping engineering and product leaders meet growing customer demands.

The launch of fused testing includes

  • On-demand quality engineers
  • Automated testing ecosystem
  • Free platform capabilities
  • Expanded client services 

This announcement comes on the heels of an influx of Series B funding announced in October as well as an annualized revenue run rate of over $20 million. To learn more, visit here.  

Azure SDK January release 

Microsoft today announced the new Azure SDK release for the month of January. This release brings updates to many libraries, including 

  • Azure Container Registry for .NET, Java, and JavaScript
  • Azure Functions for .NET
  • Azure SDK management libraries for JavaScript/TypeScript 
  • Cloud Native Cloud Events with Event Grid for Java

Additionally, stable releases this month include Azure Cosmos DB for Java, Azure Tables for .NET and Java, Azure MonitorQuery for .NET, and several others. This month also brings many beta releases, including Azure Form Recognizer for Java, Identity for Go, and Schema Registry Avro for .NET.

For a full list of releases, see here.