Julia Computing raised $24 million in a Series A fundraising round and stated it will use the funding to further develop and advance its secure, high-performance JuliaHub cloud platform.

JuliaHub makes it easy to develop, deploy and scale Julia programs and is a platform for other applications such as JuliaSim for multi-physics simulation, JuliaSPICE for circuit simulation, and Pumas for pharmaceutical simulation product from Julia Computing’s partner company, Pumas-AI.

“Technical computing is stuck in a rut today,” said Viral Shah, the co-founder and CEO of Julia Computing and co-creator of Julia. “Data scientists and engineers are using products that were designed many decades ago. JuliaHub makes it possible to design new drugs and therapies, develop new batteries, simulate a space mission, and map out the universe, all while using fewer computing resources and reducing data center emissions.

Windows Terminal Preview 1.10 released 

This release introduces Windows Terminal Preview to version 1.10 and Windows Terminal will be updated to version 1.9 soon. 

The Feedback button is now a command palette button, which makes the command palette more discoverable, and when the quake mode window is dismissed, it will now remain in the system tray. 

Windows Terminal now displays bold text in the text renderer and the new version also contains many UI updates. Additional details are available here

Kdan Mobile raises $16 million in Series B funding

The SaaS solutions provider Kdan mobile software raised $16 million in a Series B funding round that it will use to drive further development of Kdan’s enterprise offerings including Document AI, DottedSign, Document 365 and Creativity 365.

“We are focused on creating solutions for the hybrid workforce of the future with products that streamline workflow across multiple computing platforms. We enable people to produce creative content on a mobile device and pick it up on a PC or laptop,” said Kenny Su, the CEO and founder of Kdan Mobile Software Ltd.

For larger enterprises that want more control over their data and workflow, Kdan offers a set of APIs and SDKs for its e-signature service, document management solutions, and creativity platform, enabling large organizations to quickly and securely build out these capabilities in-house.

Apache weekly update

Last week at the Apache Software Foundation saw the release of Apache Beam 2.31.0 which fixes a bug in ReadFromBigQuery when a RuntimeValueProvider is used as value of table argument along with more improvements and new functionality. 

Other new releases included Apache XMLBeans 5.0.1, Ant 1.9.16 and 1.10.11, Jackrabbit 2.21.7, Fortress 2.0.6, Camel 3.7.5 and Commons Compress 1.21.

Many of the bugs have been patched in Commons Compress versions that resulted in a denial of service. Apache Ant received patches for archive denial of service bugs as well. 

Additional details on all of the new releases from Apache are available here