Matillion announced that it raised $100 million in Series D funding that it will help organizations innovate with data to unlock insights. 

Matillion offers a cloud-native platform that helps organizations transform raw data into analytics-ready data by providing low-code/no-code solutions.

“Matillion accelerates the value of today’s cloud data platforms, ensuring that data teams can work smarter and faster. We look forward to our next phase of growth, as we empower more enterprise customers with efficient, affordable and flexible solutions that turn data into their most strategic asset,” said Matthew Scullion, the CEO of Matillion. 

Uno Platform 3.5 released
Uno Platform 3.5 provides day-zero support for WinUI 3 Preview 4 as well as support for four new WinUI controls including Navigation View, Progress Ring, Pager and Expander. 

With the NavigationView control, users can now add hierarchical navigation and footer menu items and the ProgressRing source has added support for the Lottie animations-based version of the control. 

For WebAssembly specifically, the new implementation provides .NET 5 support as well as both software and hardware accelerated versions of the canvases through SKXamlCanvas and SKSwapChainPanel respectively, Uno explained in a blog post that contains additional details on the latest version. 

Palo Alto Networks to acquire DevOps security company Bridgecrew
The acquisition will advance “shift-left” security by allowing Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Cloud to deliver security across the full application lifecycle. 

Bridgecrew offers an infrastructure as code (IaC) security platform that provides developers and DevOps teams a systematic way to enforce infrastructure security. 

Palo Alto Networks will acquire Bridgecrew for approximately $156 million in cash and is expected to close during Palo Alto Networks fiscal third quarter.

Linux 5.11 released
The latest Linux 5.11 release has a smaller-than-average set of commits from rc7 to finish, according to Linus Torvalds, the creator of the Linux kernel. 

He explained that there are several pull requests lined up and that the merge window is ready to start. 

The full list of commits is available here.

Apache weekly update
Last week at Apache saw the release of APISIX 2.3, the real-time cloud-native API gateway that offers load balancing, dynamic upstream, canary release, circuit breaking, authentication, observability, and more.

Other releases included PLC4X 0.8.0,  SkyWalking CLI 0.6.0, Tomcat 8.5.63, MyFaces Core 2.2.14. Also HttpComponents Core 5.1 reached BETA3.

Additional details on all of the new projects from Apache are available here.