Infragistics and Microsoft have collaborated on a new enterprise UI toolkit for .NET developers using Blazor. The new framework will give developers the option to develop full-stack web apps using .NET and C#, instead of JavaScript. 

Features include the Blazor data grid, editors and combo box, dock manager, the UI data chart, stock chart, treemap, pie chart, gauges, geospatial map and data picker. 

“In Blazor we sought to introduce a framework that enables .NET developers to build modern full stack web apps with .NET,” said Daniel Roth, ASP.NET program manager at Microsoft. “Our longtime partners at Infragistics are using their expertise to offer .NET developers the UI tools they need to build web applications without having to tackle JavaScript.”

Instana brings its always-on continuous production profiling to PHP and Python
Instana has announced PHP and Python apps will now benefit from its always-on profiling support. Instana now provides automic continuous production profiling for Java, GoLang, Python and PHP. 

“The complexity of cloud-native microservice applications is related to the polyglot of application languages being used,” said Chris Farrell, APM and observability strategist at Instana. “Instana automatically captures profiles of Python and PHP processes so that dev teams have the data they need to optimize application performance and solve code issues quickly.”

RapidAPI introduces RapidAPI Testing
The new testing solution is designed to create and manage API tests from development to deployment. It comes with support for REST, SOAP and GraphQL and is designed to simplify monitoring across geographics. 

“APIs are the glue between back-end infrastructure and end-user applications, which makes APIs a great insertion point for testing,” said Iddo Gino, RapidAPI founder and CEO. “API testing allows teams to quickly uncover usability and performance issues before their users are impacted. With RapidAPI, it is easy to create complex tests in the way that works for each user – whether using a drag-and-drop builder or a code-based editor. Because RapidAPI Testing is a powerful tool, it works in every user’s environment, enabling them to build modern software.”

Features include a drag-and-drop editor, code-based interface and automatic test creation. 

SmartBear’s new investment from Vista Equity Partners
SmartBear will use the new investment to expand and strengthen its DevOps, API life cycle management, test automation, test management, performance optimization and collaboration solutions. 

“Speaking on behalf of everyone at SmartBear, I am thrilled to welcome Vista as investors,” said Frank Roe, CEO of SmartBear. “Having the significant backing of two leading PE firms demonstrates the tremendous track record our products and employees have delivered so far, as well as the growth and demand in our markets. As every company is rapidly transforming to digital-first, we’re seeing a dramatically increasing demand for SmartBear solutions from developers, testers and entire organizations focused on consistently delivering high-quality software at the speed that business demands.”