Microsoft has announced ML.NET 0.9, the latest version of the open-source, cross-platform machine learning framework for .NET. ML.NET enables developers to leverages existing tools to build custom AI into their applications by creating machine learning models.

Models can be created targeting common tasks including classification, regression, clustering, ranking, recommendations, and anomaly detection.

ProtonMail launches new website for GDPR compliance
ProtonMail has launched a new website aimed at helping businesses become GDPR-compliant. offers information on GDPR compliance topics at a level that businesses can understand. The company explains that the information is not as high-level as what would be found on a blog, but not as complicated as the actual wording in the law.

The site also contains detailed guides and examples of GDPR forms. “Going forward, we will continue to update the site with more guides, as well as news and analysis as EU regulators begin to interpret and enforce the law. We will also conduct original research to make sure we’re answering questions about the GDPR that you actually want answered, while gaining deeper insight into GDPR compliance,” the company wrote in a post.

Improbable responds to changes to Unity’s terms of service that impact SpatialOS games
Unity recently made a change to its term of service, making all of SpatialOS games that use Unity in breach of the terms. The company behind SpatialOS, Improbable, has released a statement detailing steps of how it will handle this.

First, they are working with Unity to try to resolve this issue, but if that is unsuccessful, they will begin looking into moving to a different game engine. Improbable has also set up an emergency fund for developers that are left financially uncertain during this time.

“For now, we believe this unfortunate and counterproductive action to be an error in judgement or coordination failure within Unity. We are urgently working to clarify this situation and believe that a swift resolution may be possible,” Improbable wrote in a post.

Hyperledger Fabric 1.4 LTS
Hyperledger Fabric 1.4 LTS is now available. According to the company, this is Hyperledger’s first long term support release.

New features to Hyperledger fall into four categories: serviceability and operations, improved programming model for developing applications, enhanced data privacy, and hand-on tutorials.

“As noted, Hyperledger Fabric v1.4 LTS marks our first long term support release. This is a critically important development for those beginning to deploy Hyperledger Fabric solutions into production and is a reflection of the confidence that the Fabric maintainers have in this latest release,” Hyperledger wrote in a post.