The team at JetBrains recently announced several new updates coming to JetBrains Academy. These updates are geared towards improving the platform’s administrative functionality, allowing users to manage teams and see how effectively each member is learning, all from one place.

With this, users are enabled to add new members to their teams as well as remove existing ones, connect corporate domains with a single sign on, and view their teams progress on the overview dashboards. 

Additionally, there is a new dedicated Organization page, allowing users to manage team member accounts easily and help them to understand how effectively their team is learning. For more information, see here

Kryon acquired by Nintex

The process intelligence and automation company, Nintex, today announced that it has acquired the process delivery and robotic process automation company, Kryon. This combination will help to further extend the intelligent process automation capabilities of the Nintex Process Platform.

This is Nintex’s first acquisition under its new majority investor TPG, and its third acquisition in the last 16 months. 

“We are ready to quickly infuse our process discovery technology and the next generation of RPA into the Nintex platform to ensure organizations are realizing their fullest digital business potential with intelligent automation,” said Harel Tayeb, CEO of Kryon.

Netlify announced Netlify Graph 

Netlify, the workflow for the modern web, today announced a new approach for building with APIs, Netlify Graph. This release works to create a faster and more unified experience for developers by enabling them to integrate APIs and services such as GitHub, npm, Salesforce, and Stripe into web applications with one click. 

This launch comes on the heels of Netlify’s acquisition of OneGraph, a GraphQL innovator. Netlify Graph takes full advantage of GraphQL, enabling teams to utilize a catalog of APIs and services that any developer in the company can find and access. 

“The great decoupling of the web has created a diverse and complex collection of developer tools, including many third-party APIs and services. To build a better web, we need to make it easy for developers to integrate and consume those services,” said Matt Biilmann, CEO of Netlify. “Netlify Graph is a major step forward, taking advantage of the massive popularity of GraphQL to unite the ecosystem of web tools and technologies.”