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Netlify begins rolling out latest version of its Next.js runtime

Netlify has announced the newest version of its Next.js runtime, which allows developers to run Next.js on Netlify with no configuration.  “We’ve invested heavily in this new runtime to address any runtime challenges and provide a seamless experience for Next.js developers. The release underscores Netlify’s commitment to keeping pace with evolving framework needs, fostering open … continue reading

Netlify launches new unified platform for building composable web architectures

Netlify has introduced the launch of a new platform that will enable developers to build “modern, composable web architectures.”  The Netlify Composable Web Platform connects content, data sources, code, and infrastructure, providing development teams with everything they need to build and ship modern websites. According to the company, some of the benefits the platform provides … continue reading

Netlify acquires Stackbit to add no-code offering to platform

The web development company Netlify has revealed that it acquired Stackbit, a company that provides a no-code visual interface for editing web pages and applications.  According to Netlify, over the past several years, web development platforms have been increasing adding features to increase developer productivity, and now companies are in search of similar functionality for … continue reading

Netlify Connect attempts to make it easier to transition to composable architecture

Development platform Netlify today announced the release of Netlify Connect, which is a data layer that can consolidate data from multiple sources, to make it easier for companies to transition from monolithic to composable architectures.  According to Netlify, needing to manage multiple data sources can slow down developer velocity and introduce complexity into the software … continue reading

Netlify acquires Gatsby to bolster web dev capabilities

The team at Netlify, the modern web development platform, has announced its acquisition of Gatsby Inc., provider of a cloud platform for web delivery and content orchestration, and creators of the open-source framework Gatsby.  According to Netlify, this latest acquisition is geared at further supporting its 3 million users with the addition of Gatsby’s open-source, … continue reading

Jamstack Conf 2022: Web3 is not the future

Despite all the hype around Web3, blockchain is not the future of the web. Even the creator of the web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, wants us to ignore the hype of Web3.  Berners-Lee said in a talk at the Web Summit recently: “It’s a real shame in fact that the actual Web3 name was taken by … continue reading

Netlify announces updated Next.js Runtime

Web development company Netlify has announced a new Next.js Runtime. Next.js is a web development framework for React-based applications developed by Vercel.  According to Netlify, some of the largest Next.js projects are making use of its runtime. These include DocuSign, TripActions, and Twilio. This is evidence that Netlify is trusted as the platform for building … continue reading

Netlify announces the first investment for Jamstack Innovation Fund

Netlify, the modern web development platform, today announced the first cohort of its fund that was set up to support the early-stage companies that are driving the modern web forward by arming developer teams with Jamstack-based tooling and practices, the Jamstack Innovation Fund.  According to the company, each of the startups that Netlify has invested … continue reading

Netlify announces Netlify Edge Functions

Netlify today announced the release of Netlify Edge Functions in order to bring standards-based edge compute to the company’s development workflow. With this, developers are enabled to build fast web experiences in less time, according to Netlify.  Netlify Edge Functions runs dynamic content or an entire application from the network edge without the need to … continue reading

SD Times news digest: New updates in JetBrains Academy; Kryon acquired by Nintex; Netlify announced Netlify Graph

The team at JetBrains recently announced several new updates coming to JetBrains Academy. These updates are geared towards improving the platform’s administrative functionality, allowing users to manage teams and see how effectively each member is learning, all from one place. With this, users are enabled to add new members to their teams as well as … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Apple announces Self Service Repair; PlanetScale now generally available; IBM reveals winner of Call for Code

Apple today announced Self Service Repair, which will grant users who are confident in completing their own repairs access to genuine Apple parts and tools. It is available first for the iPhone 12 and 13 lineups, and will be followed by Mac computers featuring M1 chips. Early next year, Self Service Repair will be available … continue reading

SD Times news digest: WSO2 Fall 2018 release, IEEE 802.11 study and topic interest groups, and Mozilla’s JavaScript and WebAssembly improvements

WSO2 has announced the Fall 2018 release of its WSO2 Integration Agile Platform. The new release will introduce unified monitoring and analysis of integration flows, adaptive authentication, and WSO2 Integration Agile Consulting services and resources. “In today’s digitally driven economy, no organization is an island. Instead, a rapidly expanding stream of processes and information is … continue reading Protection Status