Development platform Netlify today announced the release of Netlify Connect, which is a data layer that can consolidate data from multiple sources, to make it easier for companies to transition from monolithic to composable architectures. 

According to Netlify, needing to manage multiple data sources can slow down developer velocity and introduce complexity into the software development life cycle. 

Netlify Connect attempts to eliminate this challenge by allowing developers to unify all of their data sources. It uses the GraphQL API to connect content sources, and also caches content at the Edge for better performance and efficiency. 

Using Netlify Connect, developers can leverage their existing content sources and optimize past investments, avoid vendor lock-in, and reduce the costs of a full stack migration. 

“The introduction of Netlify Connect is an important step forward for Netlify’s platform and our vision for the modern, composable web,” said Matt Biilmann, CEO at Netlify. “Enterprises are continuing to realize the massive opportunity presented by composable web architecture, and we’re committed to offering solutions that allow enterprises to ship sites and higher converting campaigns faster than ever before.”