The web development company Netlify has revealed that it acquired Stackbit, a company that provides a no-code visual interface for editing web pages and applications. 

According to Netlify, over the past several years, web development platforms have been increasing adding features to increase developer productivity, and now companies are in search of similar functionality for marketers and product managers. It hopes to provide this with the capabilities of Stackbit.

By incorporating Stackbit into its web development tools Netlify will be able to provide users the ability to update existing websites and applications without needing coding experience.  

Stackbit can pull in data from any headless CMS, content source, or custom data source. Then users can update objects through the UI and have those changes automatically applied to the original source. 

As a result, Netlify customers will now be able to easily update web copy, make edits, localize content, and more. Marketers will especially benefit, as they will be able to quickly deliver new marketing campaigns to all website and app visitors, Netlify explained.

“This acquisition brings the power of Stackbit’s visual editor to our product portfolio, expanding our offerings to now empower marketers and non-developers to rapidly create, innovate, and iterate,” said Matt Biilmann, CEO at Netlify.