Web development company Netlify has announced a new Next.js Runtime. Next.js is a web development framework for React-based applications developed by Vercel. 

According to Netlify, some of the largest Next.js projects are making use of its runtime. These include DocuSign, TripActions, and Twilio. This is evidence that Netlify is trusted as the platform for building Next.js apps, Netlify explained.

According to Netlify, its runtime is the only one to support Next.js Advanced Middleware, which allows developers to rewrite and transform HTML content at the edge without having to deal with additional client-side JavaScript or server-rendering strategies. 

The new runtime will provide full control for modifying headers and responses in real-time. This makes it easier to enable personalization, localization, and authentication, Netlify explained. 

It also auto-detects Next.js and preconfigures the build environment, provides support for Next.js features the day they are released, and provides a more seamless user experience for developers. 

“Netlify has actively invested in Next.js for years, but today marks a shift from natively supporting Next.js, to also extending what’s possible with the framework. With the investments made by our ecosystem team to enable more capabilities for developers, we’ve dramatically simplified and made it easier to do more with Next.js on Netlify than anywhere else,” said Matt Biilmann, co-founder and CEO of Netlify.