Perforce’s latest update to Helix Sync comes with a new drag-and-drop interface that enables non-coders to version digital assets. 

“Even if your team is small, it doesn’t mean your challenges or files are. Helix Sync was built to help teams go faster,” said Gerhard Krüger, cloud architect and product manager at Perforce. “Securely versioning design assets alongside code removes complexity and accelerates development.”

Helix Sync is an alternative interface for Perforce Helix Core, the game and media development standard for version control. 

Additional details on the new UI are available here.

WhiteSource Priority Score technology
WhiteSource released a Priority Score to accelerate application security and enable users to develop novel metrics for different products and projects. 

The Priority Score takes a few considerations into account including the CVSS Score, which addresses vulnerability severity, prioritization based on whether the proprietary code is making calls to the vulnerable method (effectiveness), availability of fix, ease of remediation, and malicious package probability.

“When a specific application provides access to financial data, or Personally Identifiable Information its security is considered a higher priority to handle. The WhiteSource Priority Scoring lets organizations put their DevSecOps on autopilot, and accelerate software product delivery at scale,” said Shiri Arad Ivtsan, the director of product management at WhiteSource.

IonQ now available through Qiskit
IonIQ announced the full integration of its quantum computing platform with Qiskit, an open-source quantum software development kit.

Qiskit users with an IonIQ account are now able to run their quantum programs on IonIQ’s cloud quantum computing platform with little to no modification by changing the code to point to the IonIQ backend and setting it to run as usual. 

“IonQ is excited to make our quantum computers and APIs easily accessible to the Qiskit community,” said IonQ CEO & President Peter Chapman. “Open source has already revolutionized traditional software development. With this integration, we’re bringing the world one step closer to the first generation of widely-applicable quantum applications.”

Broadcom and Google Cloud team up on digital transformation
Broadcom and Google Cloud announced a strategic collaboration that will enable Broadcom to deliver its security and enterprise operations software on Google Cloud and also enable businesses to deploy Broadcom solutions in security, DevOps and more on Google Cloud’s trusted, global infrastructure.

Other benefits of the partnership include the accelerated development of new and transformational cloud-native services, reduced latency for service-to-service communications and improved scale and resiliency

“Leveraging Google Cloud enables Broadcom Software to scale and innovate faster to meet the growing needs of digital businesses globally,” said Tom Krause, president of Broadcom Software Group. “This collaboration is fundamental to delivering secure access to cloud applications and providing enterprises with increased performance, continuous compliance, and enhanced security that empowers an organization’s cloud adoption journey.”