SmartBear has announced a new REST API for its LoadNinja testing solutions. The company believes that the new API will allow software developers and testers to integrate performance testing in their CI/CD workflows.

The API enables testers to automate the entire performance testing process, SmartBear explained.

“This release marks an important milestone in our mission to transform how organizations load test modern applications, empowering teams to run load tests with real browsers and efficiently scale their performance testing processes,” said Anand Sundaram, VP of products at SmartBear. “The LoadNinja API makes it easier than ever to integrate load testing into Agile and DevOps workflows and to maximize test coverage without sacrificing time or quality.”

Go Developer Network launches
The team behind the Go programming language has announced a new network for Go developers. The Go Developer Network (GDN) combines various Go user groups that will work together to build next-gen software using the language. GDN will be utilizing the Meetup app to help developers find local user groups and events.

“A sense of community flourishes when we come together in person. As handles become names and avatars become faces, the smiles are real and true friendship can grow. There is joy in the sharing of knowledge and celebrating the accomplishments of our friends, colleagues, and neighbors. In our rapidly growing Go community this critical role is played by the Go user groups,” the Go team wrote in a post.

PyPy v7.1 now available
The latest version of the PyPy Python interpreter is now available. According to the team, PyPy v7.1 includes two different interpreters, PyPy2.7 and PyPy3.6-beta.

The latest release uses utf-8 for unicode strings, which has led to an increase in speed.