Open-source security platform provider Snyk has announced a new integration with Atlassian Bitbucket. The integration, originally completed in March, will provide better end-to-end security for Bitbucket code. According to Snyk, the new integration is between Snyk Pipe and Bitbucket Pipelines.

“Our mission is to make open source security easy and thus help developers take ownership of securing their projects without slowing down,” said Guy Podjarny, CEO of Snyk. “I’m excited to partner with Atlassian and deliver such a seamless and automated integration across this platform’s powerful workflows, helping Bitbucket developers everywhere use open source and stay secure.”

Udacity launches nanodegree program for C++ developers
Online learning provider Udacity has launched a new nanodegree program for C++ developers. According to Udacity, the program will “equip students with advanced skills in C++ so that they can launch or advance a career programming the most exciting technology in the world.”

Nanodegree programs are project- or skills-based credential courses that take roughly five months to complete. This course covers the fundamentals and advanced skills of object-oriented programming, memory management, and concurrency. Students will be taught these skills through five real-world projects, such as building a route planner and system monitor.

Google makes effort to help reskill the workforce
Google has long been trying to help reskill the workforce for the digital age. Now, as part of its Grow with Google initiative, its Applied Digital Skills program is partnering with the Coalition on Adult Basic Education (COABE) to teach educators across the United States essential digital skills. This will allow educators to be better able to help adults find jobs, build businesses, or work towards earning high school equivalency credentials.

“I know firsthand that learning never ends,” wrote Hai Hong, Computer Science Education program manager at Google. “As an immigrant to the United States from a working class family, a former community college instructor, and now a Googler leading outreach for computer science and digital skills training, I know education is an ongoing process. We’re excited to be a part of that process with the teachers who make learning a reality, organizations like COABE who support educators and the Americans who wake up every day ready to take their next step.”