VMware recently announced the release of Tanzu Community Edition (TCE), a freely available distribution of VMware Tanzu. Tanzu Community Edition is an easy to manage Kubernetes platform that can be installed and configured in minutes across multiple environments.

Environments compatible with TCE include local workstations as well as public clouds. The platform automates end-to-end application delivery by offering a space for application developers, IT operators, and DevOps engineers.

TCE enables users to experience VMware Tanzu easily by providing: freely available software and services free of usage restrictions or functionality limitations, the same software used in Tanzu commercial editors, and a way to easily install the platform in minutes. 

TigerGraph announces new graph analytics product release

TigerGraph today announced the release of its newest version, containing more than 40 capabilities. The release brings several new features including: enterprise-grade capabilities in availability, scalability, manageability, and security; developer-friendly features for a more productive experience; and advanced ML capabilities.

This new version of TigerGraph is aimed at meeting the needs of financial services, health care, and supply chain as their demands rapidly grow and evolve. With the new enterprise-grade capabilities, it can be ensured that mission-critical graph applications can work in private and public clouds. In addition, the developer-friendly features are aimed at enhancing accessibility compliance, query language, and query build. Finally, the advanced ML capabilities to the TigerGraph In-database Graph Science Library doubles the number of built-in graph algorithms, including graph embedding algorithms.

Anchore Enterprise 3.2

Today, Anchore announced the release of Anchore Enterprise 3.2, bringing new key features with it. These new features enable organizations to protect against security risks and vulnerabilities within their software supply chain. 

Some of the new key capabilities in the release include: identifying vulnerabilities more accurately with a next-generation scanning engine, support for scanning SUSE Enterprise Linux, expanded options for policy rules in the UI, and more allowlist customization options in UI.

“With 64 percent of large enterprises impacted by software supply chain attacks, Anchore is focused on providing organizations with best-in-class tools to proactively combat against these threats to software integrity,” said Neil Levine, vice president of product at Anchore. 

To learn more, visit here.

Google announces Flutter Meetup Network

Recently, Google announced its new Flutter Meetup Network (FMN), an international network of Meetup groups united by their enthusiasm for Flutter. The goal of this program is to foster a thriving worldwide community of Flutter developers by empowering community organizers to educate and inspire local communities with engaging events.

As Flutter has grown in popularity, over 100 Meetup groups have come about globally to celebrate and educate their members about Flutter. With the FMN those groups will be supported officially. Network members will be granted access to various resources that make it easier to plan and host Flutter-themed events. 

Aside from networking, meetups can also help connect developers who are running into problems with a Flutter project with other members of the community who have solved a similar problem and can give them the help they are looking for. To join a group near you, visit here.