Qt created a QML viewer that runs on web browsers, and the company said that the actual performance of the application is indistinguishable from the desktop version. 

The Qt Design Viewer runs on Android and iOS providing users a simple way to test your their designs on those platforms. 

Users can also generate a resource file out of their project using Qt Design Studio 1.3 and upload the package that is automatically created.

The full details on the new capability are available here.

Xamarin.Forms 4.3 released with CollectionView
Microsoft released Xamarin.Forms 4.3 with CollectionView, and enhancements such as SourceLink support and the ability to display HTML on Labels. 

CollectionView now includes RefreshView, which provides pull-to-refresh functionality to any child that supports scrollable content. 

Additional enhancements include character spacing (kerning) for Labels and Buttons, padding on Labels and scrolled event for ListView.

The full details on Xamarin.Forms 4.3 are available here. 

Google announces dynamic modes and toggles
Google announced the release of modes and toggles that lets users define the configurable attributes of their device that may exist outside the standard grammar for device control traits such as (On/Off or Start/Stop).

“When we initially introduced modes and toggles, we supported a whitelisted set of names and synonyms to ensure the most accurate responses and best user experience. Over time, we continued to add support based on the community’s requests, but getting these requests approved has been a common pain point for many of you,” Google wrote in a blog post. 

To solve this, users now no longer have to get the names and synonyms provided in their SYNC response approved. The Google Assistant determines the necessary grammar for users to invoke these traits. 

Trend Micro is acquiring Cloud Conformity
Trend Micro acquired cloud security company Cloud Conformity for $70 million. Cloud Conformity’s staff will join the company. 

“As more enterprises move to the cloud, our customers feel they’re operating amid a wild-west approach to cloud implementations that leave them with unmanaged risk,” said Eva Chen, chief executive officer at Trend Micro. “As an AWS technology Partner of the Year for 2019, Cloud Conformity understands these implementations and the risks. Their offering perfectly complements our own portfolio and provides immediate value to customers. Both the people and technology are a great fit for Trend Micro.”

The acquisition adds complementary capabilities that automatically identify and fix a range of cloud infrastructure configuration issues. It also optimizes costs and helps ensure compliance with leading industry regulatory standards such as PCI, GDPR, HIPAA and NIST.