WSO2 announced the release of Asgardeo, an identity-as-a-service solution that simplifies managing user access to client-facing applications. Asgardeo enables developers without security expertise to more easily embed customer identity and access management (CIAM) into their apps.

In addition, the IDaaS provides built-in CIAM best practices and workflows through a range of templates and other low-code/no-code operations. Asgardeo also allows developers to integrate security code while working within familiar environments.

“With Asgardeo, enterprises can now encode their security policies and standards to reduce development time and transform security reviews into simple check-the-box exercises,” said Eric Newcomer, CTO of WSO2. “At the same time, using Asgardeo, it’s easier than ever for development teams to foster customer loyalty by giving them a great enrollment experience and building these users’ confidence in the protection of their personal information.”

Developer preview of Compose for Wear OS

Google announced at its Google I/O conference that Jetpack Compose is coming to Wear OS with the developer preview of Compose for Wear OS. Compose works to simplify and expedite UI development with built-in support for Material You to enable users to create apps with less code.

With Compose for Wear OS, most of the users’ Wear-related changes will be at the top architectural layers, meaning any dependencies already in use with Jetpack Compose stay the same when targeting Wear OS. 

To get started using Compose for Wear OS, visit the quick start guide here

.NET 6 RC2

Microsoft announced the release of .NET 6 Release Candidate 2, the second of two “go live” releases that are supported in production. Linux, MacOS, and Windows users can download this latest release here.

C# 10 is an important aspect of this release and it will work as an evolution of existing concepts and capabilities such as records and patterns. In addition, it includes other features like global using and file-scoped namespaces. These new features help users simplify code and write less boilerplate. 

For more information on this release and its features, visit here