Marko is an open-source programming language that reimagines HTML from a markup language into a programming language. As its website states: “It’s like HTML and JS had a perfect baby that grew up to be awesome.”

It does not require learning any new language syntax beyond what’s available in vanilla HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which means it’s easy to pick up. 

Marko is easily scalable, according to the project’s website. Developers can start building on a simple HTML template and then add powerful components as they’re needed. 

It offers progressive rendering, which enables content to be streamed instantly rather than having users wait for client side JavaScript bundles or data requests to start rendering. “HTML, assets, and images are loaded as soon as possible with asynchronous data loading in as it completes,” the website states. 

In addition, the only code Marko sends to the browser is what’s needed for interactive components. This results in less to download and execute, leading to faster performance for users. 

Marko offers full support for the VSCode editor, including syntax highlighting, autocompletion, hyperclick, and pretty printing for more readable code. 

More information can be found on the project’s GitHub page