SOASTA Drives Performance

Successful brands know that digital customers are less patient and more fickle than brick-and-mortar customers. Six seconds or less can make the difference between a click-through or conversion and a bounce. On Wall Street, milliseconds cost millions. Using SOASTA performance analytics solutions, businesses can master the relationship between business goals, user behavior and end-to-end performance. … continue reading

New Relic Redefines Software Analytics

Data is a company’s most valuable asset, but not everyone knows what to do with it or how to derive value from it. Companies are collecting data about devices, browsers, code, third parties, microservices, customer information and business metrics, all of which are growing in volume and complexity. Using the New Relic Software Analytics platform, … continue reading

Melissa Data Improves Data Quality

More companies are trying to drive value from Big Data whether improving the accuracy and reliability of business intelligence, preventing fraud, understanding customer sentiment, or curing diseases. With the explosion of Big Data comes more bad data. With Melissa Data, organizations can achieve better outcomes by verifying global customer data in real-time and ensuring the … continue reading

Electric Cloud Powers Continuous Delivery

Organizations must deliver high-quality software faster than ever before in order to stay competitive. While the end goal is Continuous Delivery (CD), many large enterprises are having trouble simply adopting a DevOps mindset or achieving even the prerequisite of Continuous Integration (CI). Electric Cloud eases the transition for teams by enabling end-to-end automation and acceleration … continue reading

DevExpress: Better User Experiences

.NET developers want to build great user experiences, but they can’t always rely on their favorite tool providers to support their needs as technologies evolve. With DevExpress, software teams are building applications for Windows Forms, WPF, ASP.NET, Silverlight, Windows 8 and Windows 10, as well as hybrid apps using HTML5 and JavaScript and native iOS … continue reading

Master DevOps with CA Technologies

DevOps is transforming the way companies compete, but some organizations are not yet structured for it, are unable to automate tasks end to end, or have not yet fine-tuned their processes. CA Technologies (CA) is simplifying the transformation by providing a portfolio of organically developed and acquired tools that enable end-to-end automation and process efficiencies. … continue reading

Atalasoft Leads Document Imaging

Software teams spend an inordinate amount of time customizing out-of-the-box document imaging components. To save time and enable higher-quality image capture and processing, developers choose Atalasoft. “We provide serious document imaging capabilities. Our Document Imaging SDKs are built by developers for developers,” said Kevin Hulse, an associate solutions enablement specialist at Atalasoft, a Kofax Company … continue reading

Master File Formats with Aspose

Converting one business file format to another can be more challenging than it needs to be. Using Aspose APIs, developers can add Microsoft Office-like functionality to their applications and easily convert one file format to another. “Aspose products are mature and offer a robust feature set while maintaining the highest quality,” said Justin Anderson, associate … continue reading

HP Fuels Modern App Delivery

In today’s digital world, every company is a software company. Businesses are investing heavily in software so they can transform their analog or hybrid business models into newer, more effective digital models. With HP Application Delivery Management solutions, organizations can accelerate software delivery to deliver at a speed that matches customer demand, create optimized user … continue reading Protection Status