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Android’s Graphics Shapes version 1.0 offers developers several new features

The Android development team recently announced Graphics Shapes Version 1.0, a library which allows for the creation and rendering of rounded polygonal shapes, as well as automatic animation between different shapes. With the alpha01 version, users are enabled to use the Polygon API to create regular and star polygons with the necessary number of vertices, … continue reading

Android 14 Beta 1 shows new back arrow for gesture navigation

The Android development team at Google is ready with the first beta version of Android 14. Beta 1 is available for developers enrolled in the Android Beta program.  In this release, developers can expect updates to the system UI, additional graphics capabilities, and privacy and security features.  The UI has been updated with a more … continue reading

Android introduces auto-archive feature to reduce application uninstalls

The team at Android recently announced its new auto-archive feature to cut down on unnecessary uninstalls and assist users in installing new apps.  According to the team, once a user opts in, auto-archive can help them free up a chunk of an app’s storage space, without removing the app presence or users’ data. Auto-archive works … continue reading

Android updates data deletion policy to provide more transparency to users

Google announced a new data deletion policy to provide users with more transparency and authority when it comes to managing their in-app data. Developers will soon be required to include an option in their apps for users to initiate the process of deleting their account and associated data both within the app and online on … continue reading

Jetpack Compose adds native support for vertical and horizontal paging

The Android development team has announced several new features in version 1.4 of the UI toolkit Jetpack Compose.  First, there is now support for vertical and horizontal paging. This enables users to flip through content with a page flip animation, as if they were actually reading a physical book or magazine. Previously in order to … continue reading

Android 14 Developer Preview 2 includes several privacy enhancements

The Android development team has announced the release of the second developer preview for Android 14. This is the final developer preview before the new version enters beta.  This preview includes a number of updates related to privacy and security. For example, Photo Picker, which provides an interface that shows a users’ media library, is … continue reading

Google announces 2023 plans for privacy for Google Play and Android

Google prides itself on its initiatives regarding security in the Android ecosystem. Over the past year it has made a lot of strides, and now the company is detailing its plans for the upcoming year. One of the areas for improvement is opening up spaces for developers to support each other. It has opened up … continue reading

The first developer preview of Android 14 now available

The Android development team today announced the general availability of the first preview version of Android 14. With this preview, developers gain access to several new features, such as more ways to build applications and take advantage of the full Android ecosystem. This brings alterations to API behaviors so users can have a more consistent … continue reading

Android app authentication just got simpler with Credential Manager

Android developers now have a better way to authenticate users using the new Credential Manager.  Credential Manager is a Jetpack API that brings together various sign-in methods into a single API, which will make it easier for users to become authenticated, regardless of their preferred sign-in method.  According to the Android team, the simplification provided … continue reading

Android 13 for TV now available with improvements to accessibility

Android 13 is now available for Android TV, Google’s Smart TV platform. This update brings with it a number of new features and improvements, including support for user controls for preferred resolution and refresh rate on supported HDMI source devices, and better ways to deliver high-quality experiences to users on different device types. The release … continue reading

Google shares info about upcoming Android Privacy Sandbox Beta

Google has been attempting to provide better ways to protect user privacy while also still providing advertisers with ways to serve relevant content to users. Its solution to reducing third-party tracking is the Privacy Sandbox. Earlier this year, it announced it was bringing Privacy Sandbox to Android and since then it has released a few … continue reading

Uno Platform 4.6 adds support for .NET 7

With the release of Uno Platform 4.6, Uno will add support for .NET 7 when it launches on November 8th.  The support consists of two parts: one is for WebAssembly and Skia (Gtk+WPF), the software library for graphics processing, and the other is for Mobile targets such as iOS, Android, Catalyst and macOS. Adding the … continue reading Protection Status