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An experimental tool chain for Android, Streem, Rust 1.0 release trains, and Oculus acquisitions—SD Times news digest: Dec. 12, 2014

Google has officially announced its new tool chain for Android. The core of the new tool chain includes two tools: Jack and Jill. Jack stands for Java Android Compiler Kit, while Jill stands for Jack Intermediate Library Linker. Belgian mobile development software company Saikoa revealed the new compilers in the beginning of the month. Google … continue reading

TIOBE Index: Apple’s Swift and R programming language gain popularity

Apple’s Swift programming language and the R statistical language are the two candidates for TIOBE’s programming language of the year award, according to the TIOBE index for December. In the October TIOBE programming community index, Google Dart had cracked the Top 20 languages, and Java and C++ popularity had hit all-time lows. This time around, … continue reading

Couchbase 2.0 SDKs Give Developers Cutting-Edge Tools for Faster Coding and Better Performance

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—Couchbase, Inc., provider of the most complete NoSQL database, today announced the release of its 2.0 SDKs. The 2.0 releases include Couchbase SDKs for C, Java, .NET, Node.js, PHP, Python, and Ruby making it easy for developers using the most popular programming languages to build scalable and high performance next generation applications. Today, … continue reading

Docker expands Official Repositories with 11 language stacks

Docker has said it will use what it learns from users’ Docker Hub search habits to deliver additional language stacks to customers, and as a result the open-source platform is adding 11 of the most searched programming language stacks to Docker Hub Official Repositories. “We determined that the community wants prebuilt stacks of their favorite … continue reading

Top 5 projects trending on GitHub this week

#1: Awesome Node.js Many an Awesome project has made it into and often headlined the week’s top GitHub projects, so it’s only natural that the exceedingly popular Node.js cross-platform JavaScript runtime would find its way here. Compiled by Sindre Sorhus, this curated list is chock full of Node.js packages, resources and goodies. #2: KaTex KaTex … continue reading

Android support is coming for RubyMotion 3.0

iOS and OS X tool chain for Ruby development to add Android support in next release … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Coding boot camps skyrocketing in 2014

Course Report study predicts that there will be 5,987 coding boot camp gradates in 2014, up from 2,178 in 2013 … continue reading

For the love of Gore: The Linda Liukas story

Liukas taught herself and thousands of women how to code, and now she is trying to teach kids how to code … continue reading

Heroku speeds up its app deployment time

Company claims its median deploy time is between 31% to 48% faster, depending on the programming language … continue reading

SD Times Blog: JavaScript tops programming language rankings

C# and C++ rise in RedMonk’s bi-annual programming language rankings, while Python and Ruby fall … continue reading

Heroku conference shines light on Ruby 2.0

Ruby creator tells about what changes will be made for the language … continue reading

Ruby creator Yukihiro Matsumoto joins Heroku

But his work will remain focused on developing and pushing out the language … continue reading

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