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Video: Microsoft CEO does ice bucket challenge

The ALS ice bucket challenge has made its way to Microsoft. Former pro football player Steve Gleason, who is living with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), challenged Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to pour a bucket of ice water on his head as part of the ALS awareness campaign. “For my not naked ALS #icebucketchallenge I nominate … continue reading

Satya Nadella: Grading the Microsoft CEO’s first six months on the job

It’s been six months since Satya Nadella’s ascent to the Microsoft throne, and the new CEO’s been busy. No one quite knew what they were getting in Nadella, a Microsoft insider whose deep technical expertise was established, but whose business mind and leadership capabilities were unproven. While Nadella hasn’t blown critics and Microsoft fanboys away … continue reading

Analyzing Satya Nadella’s Microsoft’s Q4 earnings call

Microsoft announced its fourth-quarter earnings last night, revealing an 18% revenue increase year-over-year to US$23.4 billion. The financial results were mixed but positive, with a decrease in overall profits along with the upped revenue. Microsoft benefitted from the continued and growing success of its Azure and Office 365 enterprise cloud services. In terms of devices, … continue reading

Nadella vows up to 18,000 Microsoft layoffs in memo

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has followed up his lengthy inspirational memo on Microsoft’s future with a harsh dose of reality, promising layoffs of up to 18,000 employees over the next year. In a brief e-mail to Microsoft employees this morning titled “Starting to Evolve Our Organization and Culture,” Nadella explained that the “strategic alignment” of … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Microsoft needs to do more than innovate

Microsoft has evolved considerably from its early days selling developer tools, or its era focusing on Windows and Office, or its run as a server software maker, or its first iteration as a cloud/online services company. Despite all the myriad changes, it’s always been true that Microsoft does not excel at innovation. In fact, when … continue reading

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s employee memo: “We will reinvent productivity”

To mark the start of the next fiscal year, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella sent out a lengthy memo to employees laying out, among other things, a proposed reorganization of the company, a renewed focus on devices and services and a call to action to “reinvent productivity.” The memo, entitled “Bold Ambition & Our Core,” talks … continue reading

Analyst Watch: Is Microsoft starting to get it?

Recent changes from Satya Nadella in cloud, open source and the desktop indicate Microsoft is correcting its course … continue reading

Microsoft reshuffles leadership

Satya Nadella announces new positions for Scott Guthrie, Phil Spencer and Stephen Elop … continue reading

Microsoft exec shakeup: Bates, Reller out; Penn named CSO

Corporate restructuring is in line with a CEO who is building a team he can trust, says one analyst … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Microsoft products twisting in the wind

What plans, if any, does new CEO Satya Nadella have for Microsoft’s collection of products that have no future? … continue reading

Zeichick’s Take: Gates is back, Ballmer is out and Nadella is up

Nadella’s promotion is a good sign, but Microsoft’s road ahead is still not clearly marked … continue reading

SD Times Blog: Microsoft’s mistakes

Steve Ballmer knew what his company needed to focus on, but execution was severely lacking … continue reading Protection Status