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Windows Terminal Preview 1.20 introduces many visual updates for better ease-of-use

Microsoft has unveiled the new preview of Windows Terminal, version 1.20. With the next preview version now available, the company has also updated the stable version to 1.19.  The new preview introduces many new features, one of which is that the Microsoft Store now won’t update Windows Terminal while it’s being used. This enables developers … continue reading

Microsoft introduces Windows Terminal Canary channel with nightly feature updates

Microsoft is introducing a way for developers to get new features in their Windows Terminal installation before they are released.  Windows Terminal is on a quarterly release cycle, meaning that an update is published every three months. To get new features faster, you can now install the Windows Terminal Canary channel. This new channel ships … continue reading

Windows Terminal preview 1.17 adds ability to customize dropdown menu

Fans of Windows Terminal now have a new preview release to enjoy. Windows Terminal is a terminal application that offers features like multiple tabs, panes, Unicode support, and custom themes.  The Windows Terminal preview is now at version 1.17 and Windows Terminal has been updated to version 1.16.  As a reminder, new features in 1.16 … continue reading

Microsoft releases Windows Terminal 1.14 and Windows Terminal 1.15 preview

Microsoft recently announced the release of Windows Terminal 1.14 as well as Windows Terminal Preview 1.15. Both of these releases can be installed from the Windows Store or from the Github releases page.  Windows Terminal 1.14 contains the features from the preview release, while the 1.15 preview contains a number of new features to explore.  … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Windows Terminal Preview 1.11, Anima Series A funding, and Spring Data YugaByteDB

Windows Terminal Preview 1.11 and Windows Terminal 1.10 are now available. What this means is that all features from the previous preview release are now available in Windows Terminal.  New features in Preview 1.11 include an acrylic title bar, the ability to minimize the terminal to the system tray, the ability to choose how intense … continue reading

SD Times news digest: Deque’s axe DevTools Pro released, Windows Terminal Preview 1.7 release, and’s March 2021 release

Deque Systems has announced the release of its new axe DevTools Pro solutions, designed to help users directly address web accessibility issues using human and machine learning. According to the company, users can run automated and intelligent guided tests on their websites and applications to address 76 to 84% of the accessibility issues on a … continue reading Protection Status