Cloud-based application testing and visual management company Applitools revealed the upcoming launch of its Test Automation University, a program that aims to teach test automation skills through training and tutorials produced by a community of specialists. The program is expected to launch early next year.

Applitools explained the group is composed of testers, engineers and developers from Cloud Grey, TestTalks, Big Fish Games, FixMobility Tech GmbH,, Salesforce and Applitools itself, with more people planned to join the team through 2019.

The program will be comprised of 11 lessons at launch, split into three units:

  • Foundational test automation
  • Automated visual testing
  • Test automation for real world problems

“We feel it is in everyone’s best interest to invest in people’s understanding of test automation and how to implement it the right way from the very beginning,” Angie Jones, senior developer advocate at Applitools said in the announcement. “Providing a quality source of community-driven, vetted information – for all stages of skill sets and career paths within test automation – will help individuals and companies alike close the talent gap in automation engineering. I am thrilled to join the Applitools team, which is committed to a collaborative and self-learning education program for all to benefit and all to be involved.”

Jones will be providing an initial course on Setting a Foundation for Successful Test Automation, which will cover:

  • How to design an automation strategy
  • Creating a culture of success in your organization
  • Developing for testability
  • Tooling for testability
  • Future-proofing your test automation efforts
  • Test automation optimization and scaling
  • Quantifying and sharing the value of test automation

The company says the lessons will be offered both online and live at industry events. More details about the project will be covered in an upcoming webinar hosted by Jones.